VR - 2017

Together with composers Dario Giacovelli and Gianluca Massetti I’ve done the soundtrack to this VR film shot in 2017.

In this project I was doing the sound designer and mixing engineer.

It was one of the first VR video shot in Italy and was presented at the Biennale of Venice.

You can read more about the project here:

A Friend In Me
Short Film - 2017

I composed, produced, sound engineered and mixed the whole soundtrack for this short movie, written and directed by Gianluca Manzetti and produced/acted by Federico Galante.

Using ringtones and sounds from smartphones to create the feeling of alienation and immersion that we have in the modern era with technology, which is the subject of this movie.

The film had an award for “best music” in the One-Reeler competition for short movies:

Fashion series - 2017

A series of fashion films from the director Gianluca Manzetti and photography of Jacopo Pergameno.

I composed the soundtracks for those videos, a mix of modern textures and nostalgic vibes, always mixed with electronic instruments.

Cross The Streets
Trailer - 2017

Cross the streets was a street art and writing show in Rome, one of the first in Italy.

I did the soundtrack for the trailer, using the sounds found in the roman environment, relative to the images of the video.


Various - 2015/2016

Me and Christian D’Errico have been working for the outdoor festival for the years 2015 and 2016.

We’ve made the background music for the whole festival (which was playing during the events) and various trailers that they used for the comunication.

Luce, Diversità, Energia
Event - 2015

Luce, Diversità, Energia was a project from Acea.

I made the soundtracks that were played in the famous Piazza Del Popolo during the event, a video-mapping of the arch in front of the plaza.


Various works